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​Relentless predator
stalking the savannah
of my mind.
I smell, taste,
and feel it,
but can see no sign.
And it’s
       running me—
                 running me down
all the time.
All I can think
is to get away,
but the farther
I go,
the closer it feels,
the more it holds sway.
And if I surrender,
my spirit trembles.
Fear, in essence,
does little more
than dissemble.
It obfuscates truth
and distorts reason.
My fear plagues my heart
with visceral treason.
Fear is my shadow,
nonexistent without me
and the light.
I can close my eyes
to it,
but then all is lost
to the night.
M. Zane McClellan
Copyright © 2017
All rights reserved