​We bodysurfed.
Then a wave
took you away,
even as it
tossed me ashore.
We reached
for one another,
reached our limits.
Our fingers
never touched.
I went with the flow.
You, the undertow;
carried away
beyond the breakers.
I lay on the sand
gasping for breath,
pain in my chest.
Lifeguards pressed
in Bee Gees rhythm,
forced me to 
Stay alive,
Stay alive,
Stay alive.
Mandatory loneliness
I must abide,
and spewed all
that was swallowed
when trying
to get to you.
Drenched from
the sweat
of dry heaves,
bile turns me
inside out. 
It leaves a
bitter taste,
a lingering doubt.
I watch the sea
from the dunes,
at sunrise, wishing
high tide will
bring you home;
at sunset, hoping
the low tide
will take me,
carry me into 
M. Zane McClellan
Copyright © 2017
All rights reserved