​Above a velvet blanket
of clover,
emerald green,
Bumblebees float
on a river of
honeysuckle perfume.
Dragonflies sip
the fading nectar
of morning dew.
the surf beckons
with susurrus waves,
wanton seductress
calling me home
to her welcoming waters. 
She kisses me
when I crest the dunes.
I lick my lips,
savoring her saltiness
as I cross
the burning sands,
the beachcomb resumes.
Every step I take
sand fills in
behind me,
and I leave
but an impression.
The woods,
thick with verdant green.
Finches flit,
chattering incessantly.
Shafts of golden light
pierce the interleaved
as rabbits run
from shadow to shadow,
thumping warnings
as they go. 
The bronzed full moon
behind sheer curtains
of dissipating heat.
I can feel
the high tide
as it retreats,
while this now passes,
it will come again.
M. Zane McClellan
Copyright © 2017
All rights reserved