My contribution to the Love themed collaboration on poetsforpeace found here.
Deja You

The first time
that I saw you
it was deja vu.
I could tell
by the look
in your eye,
it wasn’t just me,
you knew me too.
Then you spoke
of past lives,
and twin souls,
of vulnerability
and trust,
while we went on
midnight strolls,
sat beneath the
arched trellis
woven with gardenias.
All I could smell
was your scented hair,
sandalwood oil and you
perfumed the air.
You tasted so sweet,
and felt so soft,
on my bruised spirit.
My heart beat so hard
you said you that you
could hear it.
You placed your ear
against my chest,
and then smiled when
I sighed.
In that one moment
I would have happily
Thinking of it,
thinking of you.
Wishing for another
deja vu.
M. Zane McClellan
Copyright © 2017
All rights reserved