​Bars impregnable,
walls close in.
Sounds of normalcy
float over the wire,
barbed and sticking
to my brown
Along with the madness
detainees shouting
adding to the din.
They call to God
talking in tongues.
Call him by
many names,
but I know
they mean the One.
No quiet.
Silence pings
on stainless steel
bolted to floors.
Footsteps echoing,
screams carry.
Electronic locks
on electronic doors.
The food anathema
to the constitution.
Just more garbage
environmental pollution.
Sick illuminations
color me badly.
I have accepted
my defectiveness.
Can’t recall
the damage,
Perhaps I’ll vanish
in this miasma
that smells
like piss, shit,
blood, and sweat.
Law doesn’t care.
This is what
you get.
You shouldn’t
have come.
You’re not welcome.
All that
Statue of Liberty
you can forget.
M. Zane McClellan
Copyright © 2017
All rights reserved