I am breathing, yes,
and yes, I am alive,
and absolutely,
things could be worse.
But, isn’t the converse
Couldn’t things be better too,
for someone besides you?
Maybe even the majority
that is if you stopped
worshipping the almighty
and made the people
a priority.
Stopped shooting down
democratic values of
with loaded labels
dredged up from
a bygone age
when Joe McCarthy
and blacklists
were all the rage.
White washing
painted on with broad brushes
ancillary colors fade.
Scapegoats with prime coats
indefensible charges laid.
Maybe you have something
in this extreme vetting,
but I think it should be used
to weed out
the kind of terrible
politicians we keep

M. Zane McClellan

Copyright © 2017
All rights reserved