​One love takes you soaring
and one love clips your wings
and another teaches the lesson
there is more to life than things
And too many times
that lesson stings
And if you go chasing rainbows
although there’s no pot of gold
you’ll stop believing in Leprechauns
as you get old
Lose your faith in fairytales
no matter what you’re told
When the Candyman sells you chocolate
in a box shaped like a heart
and you find that half are full of nuts
and the other half is too tart
remember love
is the other part
When your mind tells you what’s best
and your spirit shrivels at the sound
And your heart is contradicting
there is no sense to be found
remember love
is to be cherished
when its around
when its around
M. Zane McClellan
Copyright © 2017
All rights reserved