Pickingup merchandise
from Okinawan vendors
that couldn’t be procured
through normal supply
channels, or waited on to
arrive from CONUS.
Traveling the entire island.
Watching the SR-71 take off from Kadena Air Base. 
Nicknamed, Habu, a cobra-like snake.

Liftoff, pause, gone,


into the vapors
above the South China Sea.
The Daihatsu minivan had its engine under the front seat.
The island, tropical, my cammies, soaked, daily, picking up the mail.
Base HQ, came out of a tight, dark stairwell into a mouthful of fruit salad.
Breast-fed by the 1st black General of the Corps.
M. Zane McClellan 
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All rights reserved 

* Purchasing & Contracting sourced supplies from the continental U.S. not found nearby.
The SR-71 was America’s premier reconnaissance plane at the time (and the coolest looking).
Fruit salad is the term for a Marine’s ribbons, worn above the left breast pocket.