My interview for the wonderful fēlan, a superb publication created by Jennifer Nichole Wells. This is a first rate publication of literature and arts. Print issues can be purchased in the magazine’s online store (link on the post). I am very grateful to Jennifer for the opportunity to be part of fēlan.


mzmPlease tell us a bit about yourself.
I grew up in New York where I attended Adelphi University, was the first African-American to play lacrosse and serve as the Freshman Class President there, and studied Psychology before joining the Marine Corps.
In July of 2016 I initiated an international collaborative poem called, Poets for Peace. It was published as part of an event called for Poets of Change at Praxis Magazine, and subsequently archived at Stanford University. I am a contributing member of their core team at THE BeZINE.
I am working on my debut novel, a fantasy drawing of African mythology and folklore. My poetry has been published in Praxis Magazine for Arts & Literature, where two of them were also recent winners of a chapbook contest, and in THE BeZINE, where I have recently become a member of the core team of contributors.
When you create, what inspires…

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