Sometimes when no poems present themselves to my mind I will turn to a prompt or challenge. Other times I will resort to a form such as the Rondeau, one of my favorites, or rewrite a song I like.

Today I just started free associating with the alphabet and came up with the following. Nothing impressive, but I don’t think much of  Jabberwocky either.

Awakening amidst an amber afternoon,
brittle branches and briars braid the bridal path.
Clarion crows caw in counterpoint to a cicada cadence.
Depths of danger dance in the dun daylight.
Everywhere eyes echoing the eclipse.
Far-off flyers, feathers floating free,
glide the globe glowing and ghostly,
hastening my heart which harbors such horrors.
Inclined to increase my incessant imaginings,
I jump when jolted by a Jester just ahead,
a Killer Clown with a kinkajou kid.
Losing what little liveliness I had left,
a most mortifying monster I had mistakenly met.
Now nerves were naturally nettled
by ominous owls overlooking our overtures.
Pushing past the pasty pated peril,
I quickly quit, without question or quibble,
running right past the raucous raccoons.
Slipping and sliding, a shoelace snapped,
tumbling toward a towering tent.
Undines undulated under unquestionable umbrage,
vociferously vying for the very best vantage,
while I watched wide-eyed, waiting for the worst.
Xanadu, I had never been to,
yet this was no Yellowstone

M. Zane McClellan

Copyright © 2017
All rights reserved