​I will not join you,
here in the end days,
in singing Auld Lang Syne
after all these years
of you giving tacit approval
to my being marginalized.
Now that your liberties
are being trampled
into the dust,
now you appeal 
to my sense of urgency,
talking about “have tos” and
You called me subversive,
and snickered at my
Africanized name.
Trying to look all
while admonishing my
“playing” the Race Card.
But this is no game.
I won’t be your
I won’t accept
your blame.
Where was all your outrage
when I was being
locked up, and
shot down?
I looked for you
but you were
to be found.

M. Zane McClellan 

Copyright © 2016
All rights reserved