​These have been the days
of my chagrin.
That I look back on
and wish to do all over again.
But today I will have moments
of regret too,
that will perhaps accumulate
into hours of disquietude.
Yet in this moment, here,
both the ending and beginning
of another year,
I am at peace with myself.
Knowing that my failures have
been lessons learned,
the scars, each and every one,
painstakingly earned.
And I have lived
as best that I could,
my life, like most,
a mixture of the bad,
the good.
Today I will try to do better
as I know I should.
String together those moments
of peace
like a strand of pearls,
and share their lustrous beauty
with the world.

M. Zane McClellan 

Copyright © 2016
All rights reserved