Merry Christmas to all celebrating, and Happy holidays to those of other faiths. I have expedienced the joyous celebrations of many cultures in my 56 years, and find beauty in every spiritual celebration.

I will be taking off the remainder of the year to enjoy some quiet time and plan for 2017.

In addition to being welcomed as a contributor to THE BeZINE by the founder and editor, Jamie Dedes (to whom I am eternally grateful) I am also building a blog to host next year’s Poets for Peace collaboration. will launch on New Year’s day, but you are welcome to follow now. I hope you will join our tribe of creative souls. NehaMarie, and I are looking forward to another great collaboration for the 2017 International Day of Peace.

Laura Kaminski, Chapbook Editor for Praxis Magazine for Arts and Literature, has expressed their readiness to stand with us in our effort to create a community working toward world peace and publish the resulting collaborative poem.

It was her interest in our project that made the effort more than we imagined it could be this year. 

The poem is archived at Stanford University as part of the digital archive, and will reside there for posterity.

Lastly, I apologize for misleading anyone who last post, “The Last Christmas,” but I am writer, and lying is what we do. 

Though entirely accurate and autobiographical, the poem is not a journal entry, and is intended to pluck the heartstrings of the reader more than it has to do with my feelings about an event that occurred over half a century ago.

Happy Holidays & Happy writing.