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​I am settled in asana
breathing slow and deep,
turning my awareness inward,
a mantra, I repeat.
Beats and vibrations,
waves of kinetic energy
from within,
rippling through bone and sinew
tingling across my skin.
I follow my breath
in and down.
It seeps into my lungs,
infusing my blood
with life-sustaining oxygen
then I follow it up and out
CO2 climbing rungs.
My attention slips
off to the side,
and the moment I realize
I am distracted,
I let it go,
get back in the flow,
in this moment 
that is protracted.
My attention slips …
Damn! not again.
Wait, no point
in remonstrance.
Just pull back to
my center
the only true constant.
There it is,
back to the garden,
planting and sowing seeds.
My consciousness blossoming
in fertile ground
without ever having to
pull weeds.

M. Zane McClellan

Copyright © 2016
All rights reserved