​Diamond dusted
roof of the world
sparkling opalescence
crystals melting in the sun
to their essence.
Plunging from heights,
spilling over,
and then falling apart.
In cascading veils,
gowns with lace trails,
pristine beauty
that will break your heart.
Showers on pools,
dripping through limestone
far below.
Sculpting magical formations
for ages
polishing to a
phospholuminescent glow.
Navigating to valleys,
meandering across the plains,
bringing life
to everything in its path
Mississippi, Amazon, Nile,
and Seine.
Through meadows and
through prairies,
flowing out into
the mouth,
to rich deltas and 
cleansing wetlands,
to migratory birds
in the south.
Out farther
into the gulf, its reach,
and out to the seven seas.
To the oceans and
rising up to blue skies,
and then back
to the world’s roof
on the warm ocean breeze.

M. Zane McClellan

Copyright © 2016
All rights reserved