​Willie Teller Orneaux
had a secret he wanted none to know.
He feared his friends already guessed it,
but to his love he had never confessed it.

He feigned indifference, and seemed aloof,
but was a passionate mime, in truth.
Often hearing the art much maligned,
he decided to keep it to his own mind.

Yet today was the day of their nuptials.
Wearing Tuxedo with boutonniere in lapel.
Before Minister, the happy couple,
could not wait to get back to the hotel.

“Ahem,” Willie cleared his throat,
“Dear, there is something that I must confide.”
When she turned and smiled behind her lace veil,
she stole the words from his mouth, did his lovely bride.

When he recovered, regained his composure,
though still flustered he began to sign.
It was then that the two discovered
their love was one of intelligent design.

At first looking a bit bewildered,
Angelica stepped forward and gave him a hug.
“You mean this peculiarity doesn’t bother you, he aked.
And with Bridal bouquet in hand, she just gave him a shrug.

M. Zane McClellan

Copyright © 2016
All rights reserved