Please pardon my departure from the required form, but I was known to color outside the lines on occasion as a child.
When I saw the prompt words, an old poem came to mind that has them on the same line, so I revised it and respectfully submit it for your approval.
Visions of You

I pull into the driveway
of our modest country home,
nestled in the bosom of 
rolling, lush green hills.
Flowing beneath a pastel sunset.
You step out of your studio,
arm raised to shade your face.
The dog trots toward me,
his tail smiling back and forth.
You rush to meet me.
I want nothing but you now,
under the four maple trees,
that square dance
in the Wind
You hug with your eyes,
enfold me in your arms,
arms made to hold me.
And I am home.
Where kisses taste like
You are patient enough
to handle my stubbornness,
and stubborn enough
to handle my impatience.
You can see the pain
behind my anger,
and are strong enough
to lift the heaviness in my heart.
You tickle me with your
sauciness as you traipse across
the yard in your Boho skirt,
barefoot and free.
We are not perfect,
but perfect for one another
because you love my humanness,
and I love your divinity.
I may not be incomplete
without you,
but without you,
I am undone.

M. Zane McClellan

Copyright Β© 2016
All rights reserved

RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge # 127 Taste & Kiss