​A jealous Moon rose in the east
and to the Sun he whispered, “flee.”
For a short while the Sun shone unperturbed,
then smugly, before departing, answered,
“You would be invisible but for me.”

As evening came, Darkness  crept,
casting shadow over Mountain and Sea.
Bringing a chill to the Mother’s bones,
and to the Light, Darkness whispered, “flee.”

Clouds gathered to veil the Moon,
Night fell with an absolute opacity.
Then to the sense of Safety, Belonging,
the irrational Fear whispered, “flee.”

In rushed Chaos and all did scatter,
chased by Lies and Insecurities.
But soon the Sun rose again,
Light returned,
and Love, Truth, and Goodness
all, shouted,

M. Zane McClellan

Copyright © 2016
All rights reserved

The Daily Post Prompt: Flee