​For all of the Radicals
who have gone on sabbatical
after turning on, tuning out
during the sixties,
it’s time to get over
your cul-de-sac home and Land Rover,
there are still problems,
and we need you to help fix these.

If you once went so far
as to burn your Draft Card,
your bra, or even the Flag,
remember your passions,
your anti-establishment fashions,
let’s get together
’cause this shit is a drag.

And for all you Conservatives
so full of superlatives
about what life was like
way back when,
who want a return,
for woebegone days for which you yearn
those days are gone,
look to the future, my friends.

Because the things that we share,
have in common,
are of far more importance
than our differences,
and unless we manage to find
common ground,
we are just screwed
in so many instances.

M. Zane McClellan

Copyright © 2016
All rights reserved