​Let the flags fall
to half mast
but let them not
touch the ground.
Already they come
too close,
draped on caskets,
and there are
far too many
of them lying around.
Let the flags fall
emblems abused
symbols of manmade
drawn in sacrifice
in the blood of fodder
in the blood of lambs,
in the blood of others
Let the flags fall
despite the wind
let them not
wave proudly this day.
For too many have fallen
hoisting them up
too many
fathers and mothers,
sons and daughters,
brothers and sisters,
uncles and aunts,
cousins and friends,
too many
lost and gone away.
Let the flags fall
in memoriam
let them fall in question,
what good is tragedy
The notion of killing for peace
is humanly flawed,
and humankind’s disgrace.

M. Zane McClellan

Copyright © 2016
All rights reserved