​I am adrift
on a dry, featureless sea,
under a starless night sky
floats a generic me.
Surrounded by the endless sands,
the ifs, the buts, the ampersands.
Another foray into this bleak tableau,
this desert of my unconscious,
that I never know.
Would that I had never dreamed,
nor ever have closed my eyes.
Each morning I awake unchanged
uncertain I am sane.
Before I ever dared to dream
of you and I, in days gone by.
Nightmares now they seem.
Suspended from a single thread,
about my neck, about my head.
To hang above the tearstained pillow,
twisting while I lethargically billow.
Lips, a silent moue, eyelids twitching,
victim of small death’s bewitching.
Sewn, a shroud of my own making,
wishful thinking, no less breathtaking.
Naked here upon the bier.
Each night I am lied to, and the liar,
the shadow, and that which cast me,
on the wall of the cave,
when my dreams fade.

M. Zane McClellan

Copyright © 2016
All rights reserved

In response to the collaborative poem challenge on Forgottenmeadows.com, issued by my good friend Neha. The smaller, and more intimate collaboration, When Dreams Fade Away.