Everybody should listen to this and applaud!

Kim, from Peace, Love & Patchouli in her debut spoken word.

Peace, Love and Patchouli

Michael over at the poetry channel had challenged me a little bit ago to come up with some spoken word poetry. Sooooo…this is my first stab and don’t know if it’s gonna be any good, please give me your feedback. I crept into the blue room one night as all these poetic words were swirling into my head and I quietly spoke into my MP3 recorder and this is what came out. Of course, forgetting most of what was in my head a few minutes prior.

In the future, if it passes muster, I will hone my skills and be a bit more creative. If it is horrid, I’m not sorry, but it was indeed a fun experience and in time, I hope to be up to the standards of my pal Tre and Michael. Peace blessings and by all means, fire away….I am ready, I think? I chose Woodstock…

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