​We stand behind our
metaphorical walls,
our aces, in holes
standing stories tall.
That for decades have been
the ultimate bargaining chip.
Forcing others to stand by
and take our ideological shit.
But now the Davids are
in our Goliath’s midst
taking out innocents
with a sling and a miss.
Targeting the faithful
while memories of unjust wars
with military-industrial,
economic cause,
echo with the stench
of the napalmed children
of Southeast Asia,
Hiroshima and the
superfluous atrocity
of Nagasaki
still making the
Geiger counter’s needle
charred remains, in cemeteries
As nightmarish chickens
come home to roost,
with mutated fanaticism
given the ardor
of a zealot’s boost.
Seeking out Heaven
with the Devil’s blessing.
We just can’t seem
to learn our lesson.

M. Zane McClellan

Copyright © 2016
All rights reserved