​Life should not be
about the ho hum
stumbling along
through the hum drum.
Life should be
about awe and wow,
about seeking out
answers to the whys and hows.
It should be about
those moments of joy
when you can’t fight
the tears,
and your smile
spreads so widely
you can’t help
but taste the salt
as you unashamedly
wipe your eyes
until your vision clears.
It should be about
the kind of fear
that comes from love,
the magnificence
of vulnerability
that transcends the
supplanted by
the care for the other person,
the object of.
It should be about
the precious and the few,
about who you are,
not what you have
or what you do.
It should not be
about the sense of pride
that requires
we pit our faith
against another’s,
holding it 
up for approval,
picking ideological
It should not be about
how much is that water?
But how much will be left,
and in what kind of
natural order?

M. Zane McClellan

Copyright © 2016
All rights reserved