​You are
the central theme,
the thread
that binds
my every seam,
the pieces
of my
recurring dream,
or so it seems.
Every morning,
the wonderful mists,
where I experience,
again and again,
your wonderful kiss …
and I am left
with this,
this life
in which I miss.
That evaporation,
cruel indeed,
renders my day
in constant need.
I live to return
to my night’s dreams,
that in-between,
where I feast
on images of
you and I.
Insatiably I feed.
Though countless
my soul,
for mystical moments
my mind cajoles,
moments together
of love and wonder.
And I gladly
trade reality
in exchange for
of you and me.
Not caring if
I am Dreamer
or dreamed.

M. Zane McClellan

Copyright © 2016
All rights reserved