I oftentimes find myself out of queue
in this carnival procession of souls,
heading toward self actualization.
Conductors affirm this is the right track.
It seems as though I have lost my ticket,
and keep rejoining the end of the line.
I am unsure of my destination,
doubtful there is purpose to this journey.
I fumble for my itinerary,
and there, written plainly, is but one word.
I compare with those ahead and behind.
We can’t all be headed there, we’re all different,
besides they all seem so sure of themselves.
When a kindly voice entered my spirit,
assured me that I was as gifted as they.
“When you get to that Life, just do your best.”
So here I am trying to find my way.

M. Zane McClellan

Copyright 2015
All rights reserved