Courtesy of CC0 Public Domain
I would use words
like a scalpel
to cut out the cancers,
ignorance and hate,
excise the tumors
of ancient mistrust.
I would use words
to carve beauty
into malleable
minds and spirits,
sometimes following
lines inherent,
or going against
the grain.
Climbing the
tree of understanding
to see beyond the forest
of the lies
that we have been taught.
That sometimes
must be cut down
and nourished
to grow anew.
I would use words
like a brush
to paint soothing sunsets
into which you can
immerse yourself,
paint them with
a feathered touch
on the watercolors
of your imagination
to answer your question,
I would use them
to sand the rough edges
and smooth acceptance
of differences
that make individuality
something to be celebrated,
to deconstruct the myth
that we are not the same.
I would use words
like a knife
to defend
the defenseless,
like a sickle
to harvest the crop
of hope
to feed our hungry

M. Zane McClellan

Copyright © 2016
All rights reserved