​It’s not so much that
time slows
as the mind speeds up.
Taking in so much more,
filling to capacity
without overflowing
my cup.
In that instant,
the world moves
as if suspended in molasses.
Light dims outside
your sphere of influence.
I see you in detail,
the way you said
you needed to be seen,
then, a shift,
the feeling passes.
Not the understanding,
that moment having birthed
a new paradigm.
You become the
quintessential vignette,
holding court
at the center of your world,
new millennial suffragette.
I now understand if
I am to live my life
to the fullest,
you can’t sacrifice
part of your dream,
so that I can have
all of mine.
That in giving
myself to you
nothing lost,
everything gained.
Yielding to a
deeper connection
And we grow thick
like cane in tropical heat.
Squeezing out
the essence of ourselves
in pursuit of La dulce vida,
the life, sweet.

M. Zane McClellan

Copyright © 2016
All rights reserved