This is not my journal.
I write poetry
in form and free verse.
Some light and positive
others dark and terse.
As you read you may notice
I have a propensity for rhyme,
but I enjoy the unconventional,
and the occasional haiku
from time to time.

But this is not my journal,
though writing is cathartic.
Poems don’t necessarily indicate
my mood, but perhaps just a part of it.
So when you read about my darkness
when you empathize with my sorrow,
this is simply a matter of craft,
I am drawing on my experiences
of past years, months, and yesterday,
in an attempt to reach into tomorrow.

So, this is not my journal,
those feelings you feel are your own
brought cunningly to the surface
with a disarmingly insightful poem.
The tear that pools on lower lids,
the catch in the throat begging swallow,
mere reflections of what we share in common,
that which makes us more same than different,
what makes us human, if you follow.

M. Zane McClellan

Copyright © 2016
All rights reserved