​I am become
the darkness,
it is me.
No longer a place
I sometimes go,
or a passing mood,
but my identity.
I leaned in
too closely,
to see what
I could see.
I was swallowed by
a blackness
the limitations
of my soul,
lost my
illusion of control.
I lacked a frame
of reference
so I followed the
Bobbed on the surface
focusing not
on solutions,
but my troubles.
The stars
were gone,
the moon was new.
How to navigate?
what to do?
I floated in
the darkness,
my body
in harmony
with the waves.
Rhythmic silence
filled my ears
as I waited
to be saved.
Waited for a
to come in the
I yielded to my thirst
and took the darkness in
in tiny sips.
But the gravitas
pulled me under
and I breathed in
that which
swallowed me.
Now we are
now I simply must

M. Zane McClellan

Copyright © 2016
All rights reserved