​When I was
en chrysalis
I used my
egg tooth
to tear away my
embryonic cocoon.
I crawled up
out of my
inner darkness,
warm and familiar,
and found
the Milky Way
where I ventured
into outer spaces
and became
I found words
that separated me
from the dialectic.
So I sought
to ground myself,
in the vernacular,
and dug deep,
in fearless
of the origins
of my disconnect,
but found my fears
were groundless.
So I covered myself
in layers of rich
diatomaceous earth
that shredded my
identity as someone
What was left of me
curled up,
hugged my knees,
in fetal rocking,
and dreamed of
new beginnings
where I am
part of the whole.
M. Zane McClellan
Copyright © 2016
All rights reserved