​I see you.
Assess your surface.
Sometimes finding
you are a mirror.
The closer I look
at you, the more
I see myself clearer.
And there are
in various parts
of my veneer.
That cause you not
to look deeper,
decide there’s nothing here.
There, I am reduced
by the prejudgments
behind your eyes.
I hear the echoes
of your thoughts,
but they’re
coming from within,
I realize.
I too
made up my mind
from superficialities,
from what’s on
the surface.
Having missed
the opportunity
to delve deeper
what you’re like
on the inside.
Find out where we have
a common purpose.
So, I bare my neck,
and hand you the sword,
though the disappointment
of another facade
I feel I can ill afford.
Yet I can no longer 
stand this widening
The choice to change
rests in my lap.
And I can talk about,
the need, the urgency,
to do something about
all the violence,
or I can take action
beginning with me
making a
of kindness.
M. Zane McClellan
Copyright 2016
All rights reserved
The Daily Post Prompt: Surface