Maybe it wasn’t
the best timing.
As if we spun up
slightly out of synch.
Never achieving a
self perpetuating motion,
or too afraid of what
others would think.
Either way, for me,
it has been tough.
I keep telling myself
how fortunate I am
to have loved this way,
maybe that’s not enough.
Maybe it cost me
the very last of my
spiritual coins,
every one spent
on the love my heart
did prize.
But there’s no maybe—
I would do it all again,
just for the chance to be
broken once more
by your sweet
and tender goodbye.
Maybe I’ll find my way back
to the self I used to be,
before the time when
all that was me,
was nothing without
all that was you.
Maybe I loved you more
for never wanting to let go.
Maybe you loved me more
for wanting to.

M. Zane McClellan

Copyright © 2016
All rights reserved
The Daily Post prompt: Maybe