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As part of the Poets for Peace collaborative poem, we would like to challenge all Poets from ALL nations of the world to participate in the 2016 Olym(Poet)ics.
What are the Olym(Poet)ics? Weil, it’s my attempt to stimulate a resurgence of participation in the #PoetsforPeace collaborative poem being hosted on my friend, Neha’s lovely blog, Please visit and enjoy some wonderful original poetry and photography. Most of all, please visit this post:

Poets for Peace Collaborative Poem

and paste your Poem for Peace into the comments at the end of the post.

Links and Pingbacks are time consuming to follow up, copy and paste, so please follow this procedure because we don’t want to miss a single pearl of wisdom.

 We will add the contributions for each week at the week’s end and post a “Number So Far” follow up to keep all of us motivated. There is no restriction on length or number of poems contributed. The only requirement is that no hateful messages be posted. They will not be added to the collaboration.

Be sure to represent your country, and to promote the effort as widely as possible. Share it on your Facebook page, Tweet it, give it a Google +1, Instagram, whatever you can. Please reblog this post and encourage as many of your readers as possible, who write, to participate. We add to the collaboration by including your poem, but we multiply readers, and therefore the awareness, by reaching out.
So bring your Haiku, Tanka, and Senryu, your Sonnets and Odes, Rondeaus, Ghazals, Sestinas, and more. Bring it all in the name of Peace and let’s let our words do what poetry has done for centuries, express our ideas.
If you have any ideas for actions we might take to utilize the resulting poem to maximum effect, please feel free to share your ideas. We would like this effort to have an impact that transcends the writing and reading of the poem.

If you haven’t already read the other contributions, please do. There are some breathtakingly inspiring words already shared by over 100 talented and gifted spirits.
We would love to see every country from China to Liechtenstein, Swaziland to the United Arab Emirates represented.