As we walked along the wooded trail
beyond the fields walled with stone,
conscious of the silence between us
delighting at our being alone.
Evening fell as indigo clouds
floated past in a vermilion sky.
Gazing as the moon rose in full
having forgotten the stars for your eyes.
Into the soft green grass we sank,
just whispered promises at first.
Kissing you with restrained urgency,
loving you with an unquenchable thirst.
Midnight found us lost in one another,
no longer caring what occurred without.
Orion witnessing the unrestrained dance,
passion we both left to no doubt.
Quietly wishing to never let go,
resolved that come sunrise we must.
Still you would not make promises
that you could not keep, nor I trust.
Until the day I hold you once more,
vows I have longed to hear you speak,
whispered softly in quiet reserve.
X marks the spot where you make me weak.
Your dulcet voice I longed for, at last.
Zen-like are the moments as they pass.
M. Zane McClellan
Copyright © 2016
All rights reserved
Related to acrostic, a poem in which the first letter of each line or stanza follows sequentially through the alphabet. See Jessica Greenbaum, “A Poem for S.” 
Tom Disch’s “Abecedary” adapts the principles of an abecedarian poem, while Matthea Harvey’s “The Future of Terror/The Terror of Future” sequence also uses the alphabet as an organizing principle. Poets who have used the abecedarian across whole collections include Mary Jo Bang, in The Bride of E, and Harryette Mullen, in Sleeping with the Dictionary.