This began as a revision of an earlier poem, but took on a life of its own. Some who have followed my blog for a while may recognize parts of it.


We built this wall between us
raised it high and ran it long.
We built it brick by brick, this wall,
this wall that seems so strong.
These bricks were formed with
things unsaid, unsubstantiated rumor,
and unfounded fears.
Our thoughts and feelings
never expressed,
the heat that fired these bricks
right here.

We built this wall between us.
Like all walls it keeps them out,
as well as keeps us in.
This wall that makes us feel so safe
reflects our failures,
and our collective sins.
It kept out the hungry dying of famine.
it kept out those dying for their faith.
Now here we are inside and out,
global deja vu, holding our breath
as we wait. 

We built this wall between us.
Now it’s time we tear it down.
It has been here for far too long,
so long we don’t see it anymore,
but we can feel it as it surrounds.
We instinctively know how to do it,
brick by painstaking brick.
Some bricks we will have to own
some we’ll just have to let go.
It has to be worked on from both sides.
But the time to heal is now
because this wall is making us sick.
M. Zane McClellan
Copyright © 2016
All rights reserved