​I walked the path unfamiliar
came upon the quintessential,
and looked about me in awe
at the myriad of possibilities
orbiting one another like satellites,
drawn and repelled by their
respective gravities as they spun
in the infinite rotation of
choice and consequence.
I was swept up in a cosmic tide,
caught in an irresistible undertow,
then drifted further into the beyond,
lightyears from the darkness
that once eclipsed my days.
It all looked like dust motes
suspended in a shaft of starlight
piercing a celestial sea of shadow
where waves lapped incessantly
and the light held its own.
Then as the tide turned,
as it always does,
I was carried back to shore.
Borne on a wave of belonging
and bathed in self-acceptance.
I walked from the waters,
traced my steps to the center
where I found myself
right where I had always been,
where I am supposed to be.
M. Zane McClellan
Copyright © 2016
All rights reserved