​I bow my head,
you tie my hands,
force me to my knees.
Spill my blood
upon the altar,
profane my sanctuary.
Yet the pursuit of peace,
the passion for beliefs,
my way of life
you will not alter.
I bow my head
in submission
to power greater
than you or I.
I forgive you
your misguided soul.
Peace of your faith,
you don’t understand,
and with atrocities
you vilify.
I bow my head
touch the ground,
ground in which
my bones will bleach
and become cold.
Ground seeded with
many others who gave
their lives for freedom,
brave souls.
I bow my head
not to your evil,
not the first evil
visited on us,
but it may well be
the beginning of the last.
In unity we overcome
as we have done
many times in the past.
M. Zane McClellan
Copyright 2016
All rights reserved