​The world fell away
as I collapsed into myself
wading through the waters
on a glowing, silver path
painted by the moon.
Amidst a shower of stars
that fell about my shoulders
like celestial confetti,
my eyes danced with amusement
following luminescent rainbows
that arced across the heavens.
Everywhere there was song
as a gentle current drew me across
into a hidden cleft in the rocks
where I found a narrow stairway,
the steps covered in moss.
I ascended into shrouded hills
where the music tickled my skin,
its frequency vibrating through me
with an ethereal resonance.
I looked down into a cradled valley,
teeming with health and goodness,
nestled among the peaks.
Then sojourned deeper within myself
as I negotiated the valley floor.
After some time soul searching
I came to a rise, sharp and steep,
and hesitated to climb out.
Storms appeared
full of bluster and flame,
battering me with forceful winds
consisting of shame and blame.
My spirit was undaunted,
and I forged on despite fatigue,
put one foot before the other,
for there were promises to keep.
A long time later I emerged
from the tempests,
stronger and more enlightened,
lessons learned from my
dream Chautauqua.
I was aware of how much further
I have to go before I arrive
at the sanctuary of forgiveness.
M. Zane McClellan
Copyright 2016
All rights reserved
The Daily Post prompt: Sanctuary