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What the World Needs Now is Peace, Love and Compassion!

Will you join me in the #PeaceChallenge?#PeaceChallenge

My response to the tension in the world is to offer more peace in my thoughts, words and actions. This challenge is for anyone who wants to help reduce the tension and bring more peace into the world. I’m calling it the #PeaceChallenge. 

The challenge is simply to write a post that speaks to peaceful solutions. Please be conscious of your words and energy, using them to feed peace. As the quote from Martin Luther King reminds us, peace is not only the goal but the means to achieve it. Tag your post #PeaceChallenge and link to this article if you want. Consider sharing this post even if you are not going join. Thanks!


The news is filled with stories of killing, hate, racism, contentious politics, environmental disaster, and numerous other problems…

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