​We were born into fire,
into a world of flames.
Where like a Tower of Babel,
we appeared to be different
although we were the same.

Our skin chars and cracks,
it blisters and peels.
Because of indifference
our futures are sealed.

The heat is rising quickly
I gasp when I breathe.
Singeing lips and nostrils,
with no way to leave.

In the depths of this crucible,
sunshine is just more heat.
I want to hide in the shadows,
I just want to retreat.

But you thirst for the sun,
tell me the light is good,
and with a petulant smile,
guide me out of the woods.

I look over the horizon
but can’t see past today.
So then you fill me with hope
with the things that you say.

Your words lift me up,
then I pull you up after.
Together we run away,
into love, into laughter.

Now you chase rainbows,
the sunlight shines and heals.
Though they tried to break us,
the fires only annealed.

You can get on my shoulders
if they’re out of your reach.
We’ll stand tall in the sunrise,
and cast a shadow of Peace.
M. Zane McClellan
Copyright © 2016
All rights reserved