In response to today’s prompt from Ben Huberman, Editor  at WordPress.com’s The Daily Post, whose one Word prompt for today is: Carefree.

We felt like prisoners,
lacking self-determination.
Be seen and not heard.
Speak when spoken to
Tow the line,
at least till graduation.
We walked in the woods,
and went to the beach,
flew kites in open fields
while rejecting hypocrisy,
values you didn’t exemplify
but had the audacity to teach.
We crossed the lines
that you drew in the sand.
Didn’t care about the
superficial differences
you manufactured
when someone needed a hand.
We dug each other’s music
hung out with the
anti-establishment crowd.
While you lived
segregated, frigid, and constipated,
we were living out loud.
We did all the things
that you said not to do.
We were Contrarians
in a too-fleeting childhood
that ended too soon.
While the world was in turmoil,
through conflict we progress,
you see.
While my mind knows life
was just as challenging as today,
in the memories of my heart,
compared with today,
it was simple and carefree.
M. Zane McClellan
Copyright © 2016
All rights reserved
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