This is in response to a prompt from The Daily Post here on WordPress. Today’s prompt is the word, Depth.
I decided to do a rewrite of an old poem of mine called, Give Me Your Depths. I hope you like it.
I Go Deeper
I appreciate your cool,
calm surface,
your breadth and depth,
still unfathomable.
You are undisturbed
by so much as a gentle breeze.
You have become
a perfect mirror for me.
Reflecting the light,
the beauty of all.
To remind me where
my focus should be.
What goes on beneath
your serenity?
I wade into you,
feet firm, I’m in deep.
Your undercurrent,
strong and insistent,
pulling me into you,
where I will have to tread
for you are deeper
than I have ever gone.
I hold my breath,
plunge with abandon.
You lift me
with your buoyancy.
I go deeper,
to feel the 
full extent of you,
and I am staggered by
your expansive soul.
I want more of you,
need all of you.
But I do not want to
drown near your surface
suffocate so close to
the current,
so I go deeper still.
Where I can flow to your center,
burst free in your spray,
soar beyond your shores,
and know your refreshing power,
the limitlessness
of your depths.
M. Zane McClellan
Copyright © 2016
All rights reserved
The Daily Post prompt: Depth