​I crushed you down
to a powder so fine.
Put you on a mirror
then snorted you
like a line.
When that wasn’t enough,
I melted you down
while I cradled you
in a spoon,
a pool of elsewhere
to be found.
Sucked into a syringe,
you became my wall
that I tightrope walked
while too high
to be afraid of the fall.
I eventually came down.
The withdrawals too intense.
Now in place of my wall
I have put up a fence.
The pain in my soul,
most days it excruciates.
I just want my heart to stop,
but I hesitate.
So I look out in the distance,
focus on the far-off horizon.
Knowing that just like you,
tomorrow can be surprising.

M. Zane McClellan

Copyright © 2016
All rights reserved