I want to live in a world
without mushroom clouds,
drive-by shootings,
and tear-gassed crowds.
Without ethnic cleansing,
or military coups,
Blacks versus Whites,
warring Arabs and Jews.
Give me a world
without nuclear missiles
where there are no rapes,
or indifferent dismissals.
With Protectors and Leaders
who do as they are charged,
seeking justice, and safety,
for the world at large.
I dream, for everyone,
a planet without walls.
Healing hands to hold
when one of us falls.
Where education is the answer,
rather than a cage with bars,
and we value all life
more than flatscreens and cars.
Give me a world of one spirit,
if not of one people,
and faith not confined
to stained glass and steeple.
A world without hatred, apathy,
and fear,
a place where kindness is valued,
air is fresh, and water clear.
Give me a world,
in this time, in this space,
a world of love, forgiveness,
and grace.
If you can’t give me all that
give me one thing at least,
If you can’t give me all that,
give me Peace.
M. Zane McClellan
Copyright © 2016
All rights reserved
Please Note:

This Saturday, July 16th, some of us will be launching a collaborative poem from “Poets for Peace.” It is an international effort to give voice to what many of us are feeling. An opportunity to express everything from despair to hope, and in between. Please use your platform to inform others because with enough of us contributing, even our combined whispers can produce a “Poem Heard ‘Round the World.” Well, that’s the tentative title, but I’m a consensus builder and open to a few suggestions.

The only restriction is that absolutely no hate is expressed other than the hate of violence. Any and all words will be appended to the running poem. This is not about ego, so you retain the rights to your creation, we are only interested in doing what we can to stop the violence.

The above poem will be my contribution, and if deemed appropriate by the other poets involved, will initiate the collaboration being hosted by Forgottenmeadows.

Look for a post there on Saturday, July 16th, and then simply leave your words, your poems, in the comments of the post. In the meantime, please get the word out to any and all who you think might be interested. WritingWingsForYou has already expressed the interest by many members of an international Women’s group to participate. Let’s help make this epic.