Without any
malice aforethought,
perhaps without any
forethought at all,
just a surrender to
base and selfish interests,
that the Founding Fathers, 
shepherds of our democracy,
left us flocked and sold out,
one and all.
Although commendable in
formal Declaration that
has given rise to a number
of platitudes,
the reality is that a professed change of sovereignty was not
freedom for all,
nor even for the masses, 
but redirection of focus,
and manipulation of attitudes.
So the Crown and its leash
were cast off,
tobacco cotton, and corn
we could pick and shuck,
but the profit from the labor
still migrates upward,
and except for
the BBQ and fireworks,
who gives a @#!?

M. Zane McClellan

Copyright © 2016
All rights reserved