Half a century later
and the song lyrics still ring true
from Mavin Gaye’s, “What’s Going On?”
to Gill Scott Heron’s, “Whitey on the Moon.”

More of Bob Dylan’s, “Hurricane,”
a profusion of Ruben Carters and Exonerees.
Taxation without representation from
Multi-millionaires? Nigger please!

A correctional institution,
without any trace of correction.
If the underlying premise is flawed,
then the entire theory must be rejected.

Diseases of the mind, when they are treated,
often it is with incarceration.
Trillions being spent on freeing the world,
while we wait on improvements to infrastructure and education.

Perhaps the word “Congress”
is best interpreted in its carnal meaning.
Since all that illustrious body seems capable of
is spreading social disease whenever it’s convening.

Societal and worldwide coitus
without prudent prophylactics.
Fight tooth and nail over a dollar on social programs,
but drop million dollar bombs in a minute if it’s needed for military tactics.

Pork Barrel politics
getting screwed without even having to ask.
Just who is it they work for and answer to?
Who gets to say, “You’re fired!” when their not up to the task?

But hey, it’s all good
if it helps maintain the status quo.
But don’t be surprised when this world, you like to use for your personal toilet
backs up and overflows.

M. Zane McClellan

Copyright © 2016
All rights reserved