Perched atop the lectern each day preening
his bright orange plumage, proudly, with his beak.
Some who hear his squawking mimesis impressed,
mistakenly believing the dumb bird can speak.

The talking points are most provocative,
the bird clearly does not understand what he is saying.
It seems that the solipsist just wants attention
and somehow thinks to get it by braying.

He browbeats all passers-by with his rhetoric,
sparing no words as he flaps behind glass.
Contorting himself to appear an elephant
when clearly the bird is an ass.

The Parrot puffs up his colorful feathers
as he swaggers with braggadocio and boasts.
Listening closely to his nonsensical gibberish,
it’s dumbfounding he is not more often reproached.

Casting aspersions from his Bully Pulpit,
without reluctance he constantly maligns,
any and all who question what he says.
The bird clearly not in his right mind.

Despite mounting evidence to the contrary
the Parrot professes to being merely pragmatic
when suggesting all other animals be fenced out,
without consideration, their exclusion automatic.

It’s shameful isolationist fear mongering,
breeding enemies far and wide voluntarily.
It might be best to give the bird his monolithic menagerie,
give him his own cage, put the damned thing in solitary.

Perhaps a muzzle or at least censure is called for.
to prevent him uttering another ignorant word.
Before all the reasonable creatures in the zoo emigrate
we should come together and give him the bird.

M. Zane McClellan

Copyright © 2016
All rights reserved