Seeds planted
in the heart,
fertilized by
excremental discontent,
bloom in the
haze of self doubt
and the heat of
Thorny stalks
with stubborn roots
propagated by
the pollinators,
spreading fear with deceit.
Having the
unmitigated gall
to twist God’s love,
and call it faith.
Sown with intolerance,
laid to waste.
Garden of stones,
row upon row
of sun bleached bones
from carcasses
picked over by
opportunistic vultures
and xenophobes
trotted out on
morning news shows.
Nothing left but
an all too brief
and too lengthy
scroll of names
and epitaphs.
Viciousness epitomizing
vicious cycles,
hate begets hate,
violence begets violence.
Determined affirmation,
and love of self,
and others,
is all that will heal
in the vanishing point
of the aftermath.

M. Zane McClellan

Copyright © 2016
All rights reserved