Leave me to my madness,
leave me to my pain.
Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome,
for you it’s just a fancy name.
Thank you for your negligence,
thank you for your neglect.
For all of your careful planning,
you overlooked my healthcare, I suspect.
It’s difficult to believe,
with the history of War,
you failed to budget for the influx,
trauma returning home by the scores.
Dehumanize the enemy,
demonize them if you must,
but the truth is that humans are fighting and dying
for governments they don’t fully trust.
Surely, with your clinical detachment,
you’re in a position to address
the general lack of demonstrable empathy
for the affairs you had a hand in creating,
and our subsequent state of distress.
You call yourselves Heads and Leaders
however, you lead me madly.
You can’t point to a single war,
in the history of humankind,
when, for the people, things haven’t turned out badly.
If you would lead, lead me from conflict.
If you would lead, lead me to peace.
For all of your good intentions,
your political, ideological, economic machinations,
have continually led the World to grief.

M. Zane McClellan

Copyright © 2016
All rights reserved

~ From the mind of a Radical on Sabbatical